Welcome to VIVARIUM - antique and second-hand bookshop!

Our shop exists not only in virtual reality - you can find us in person in Bytom, Poland. We speak English here, we write French and German, and we at least read Czech and Russian. So rule no.1 is: If you want to ask anything, do not hesitate to write! Our e-mail address: vi@vivarium.com.pl.

As you have probably noticed, the shop consists of 3 main pages: KSIĄŻKI (Books), DZIEŁA SZTUKI, VARIA (Objects of arts, various others) and KOLEKCJE (Collections; carton models, postcards, maps)
You will find the searching mechanism (WYSZUKIWARKA) in the left top corner. It goes through all our offer and finds the exact phrase entered (ignoring the difference between large and small letters) The square hole below (SZUKAJ W WYNIKACH) may be ticked if you want to browse the results of the previous search according to a new criterion.
Clicking the title (blue) you will get into the desctiption of a given item.


You may put an item to your basket straight from the list or from the decription note. Each time you see content of the basket.
powrót do zakupów means: Back to shopping
usuń means: delete
złóż zamówienie means: place the order
If you click the latest, you will see an address form - please fill the top block (dane adresowe):
- e-mail
- name
- surname
- street and no.
- city code
- city/town/village...
- country
- phone number (optional; if you want to)
zamawiam means: I confirm my order
We shall send you information concerning payment and postage.
  • ...and if you do not feel tough enough to go through all this maze, just write us and tell what you want to buy :)

Please wait untill we let you know the exact cost of foreign postage; the sum given automatically is proper only within Poland.
  • In advance.
  • We do not accept cheques. There are two ways to make payment. You chose them in the order form, section >szczegóły dostawy<, first window labelled >forma płatności<:

1) przelew means forwarding money to our bank account:
Antykwariat VIVARIUM
ul. Pilsudskiego 52, 41-902 Bytom, Poland
Bank Pekao S.A. (Bank Polska Kasa Opieki SA, Warszawa, ul. Grzybowska 53/57)

IBAN: PL48 1240 4849 1111 0010 4202 9251


2) płatność online means electronic payment, e.g. with your credit card. (this option is temporarily suspended)

  • The Buyer takes on cost of freight, insurance (if you want the item to be insured) and other additional costs like bank tarrifs and the like. Usually none of these is necessary. Total sum is agreed on before payment and shipment.
  • Prices are given in Polish zloties (PLN). The exchange rate to US dollar oscillates around 1:2,90, to Euro - around 1:4.00. We shall inform you of the current rate.
  • We send only registered mail and packages.
  • After placing the order you will receive information concerning postage costs by e-mail.
  • The sum of three dimensions must not exceed 90 centimeters, and the largest of the three - 60 cm.
    WARNING: Shipment of any item produced before may 9, 1945, out of Poland is legally forbidden.